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four givens

Dr. Irvin Yalom describes that there are four givens human beings will inevitability experience throughout our lifetimes. Of these four givens, it is argued that isolation is the source of anxiety. As we grow, many of us face the tension of becoming an individual: arriving at our individualization, and discovering a separation inside that fusion, creating a space for doubt, dread, and deterrents to fester. Social media, a night out to town, are just various ways in which comfort is found, and yet, humans can’t envision that continued fusion to others, can influence a loss of self.

These given experiences are a display of something we all share as part of the human race. No matter what part of the world we may be in or how our roles in society may work, it is a reality that we will be confronted with isolation, freedom, death, and insignificance at some point in our lives. These accompanying images provide individuals a ground for self reflection, a moment to cultivate discussion on stressful topics, and encouragement to look for pathways to improvement.

It is a collection that represents the human being’s development to understand those emotional outputs that are part of the struggle when experiencing, managing, or confronting isolation. It allows the individual to ask: How does one deal with the realization that isolation is part of growth? How much am I willing to give up in order to gain? How does one differentiate between a necessity and a want? In each image, a portion of this thesis on the process of growth as an individual is presented, and a better understanding of this world is further revealed and cultivated.