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— promote the advancement of photography by becoming a Patron.

What Your Patronage Means

I enjoy the hands-on aspect of the darkroom process but have found that I’m spending less and less time applying these skills as applications for residencies, creating mock books, and portfolio submissions are done mostly by digital means. With Patreon, I’m hoping to find an audience that has an appreciation for art and craftsmanship.

With any number of Patrons, I’m being given a greater reason to explore and bring my thoughts into actuality through a medium and process that has become a part of my identity. Becoming a Patron displays your greater affinity towards art and craftsmanship as you are willing to take the extra step of directing your own money to the creation of my work. Because of your support, I’ll have more opportunities in the darkroom, more opportunities to design books, and more opportunities to produce work my Patrons would be proud of having in their collection.

Funding received from Patrons will assist with material costs (i.e. chemicals for developing, mat boards, darkroom rental fees), applications to residencies, and upkeep of digital assets (website, editing programs). I’m fortunate enough to be in a place where I don’t have to depend on photography to meet my financial needs and any excess funding would go towards my long term goal of creating a public darkroom within a multi purpose venue.

If you still can’t decide on being a Patron, consider the alternative support methods: sharing this page and my Patreon page to others you think that may be interested or following me on Instagram <@joonatans_>